Most modern technology and experience

Already during the development of our tools, we rely on a solid construction using the latest 3D design software (Inventor).
Using a modern machinery (for example a 5-axis milling center) the complex base bodies are produced accurately and according to the existing 3D models.
Equipping the body requires a lot of skill and is implemented by our specially trained and experienced staff.
We place particular importance on the finishing of our products. The reworking of the solder joints and the electronically controlled verification of massiveness and subsequent balancing of the tools are self-evident for us. In addition to the protective coating, our tools are marked with an engraving to assure quality. After a final inspection, the tool is ready for shipment.

Long years of experience in the segment production secure our success:

With a forge the diamond inter metallic powder mixture is pressed into blanks. Here special segment-in-corrodes or segment demands (like the type of sand yielding, particularly concentrated or neutral zones) can be taken into consideration, which makes optimization possible.

Fully automatic and electronically controlled sinter hot-presses guarantee high and constant quality standards.

Our fully automatic high frequency soldering system works perfectly and is suitable for highest quality standards. The friction disk straightening and sharpening machine creates the guaranteed concentricity and the grain projection of the diamond on the segment is ensured. Another high frequency soldering system for diamond crowns enables a very precise equipping of segments and base bodies using optical-electronical measurement.

in the interest of financial situation of our clients, the re-equipping and repair of different tool in an importmant matter for us as well and is therefore done with great care.